Paid Ads

drive more qualified leads in the buying journey

Paid Search

Paid search is the best method for getting the qualified volume of traffic to your website within a short time-frame.

We have proven to deliver some of the best industry results, our PPC specialist team will create a powerful bespoke paid ad strategy to fit your business. 

Our Services range from Google AdWords, Search Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Gmail Ads, Google Shopping for E-commerce.

Paid Ads Ministry of Innovation

PPC Strategy

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. So we tailor a bespoke strategy according to your business, industry sector, USPs and market audience. Before we start work on any PPC marketing campaign, we do our homework  and develop an understanding of which tactics are the best fit for your business.

Paid Ads Ministry of Innovation


We adjust bid strategies, keywords, ad text and other attributes in order to get higher Click-Through-Rates and Conversion Rates whilst lowering Cost Per Acquisition and CPC. We implement and optimise powerful audience layering within PPC strategy to target your prospects directly.

Paid Ads Ministry of Innovation


Our PPC specialist team will run a professional keyword research for your business. We gather the most fitting efficient keywords for your campaign that are high in volume, have low competition and are not wasting ad spend.

Paid Ads Ministry of Innovation

Adcopy writing

Strategic Google Ads scripts can be used to build custom solutions to real business challenges. Structured customer oriented copywriting, call to actions, stylised Ad Extensions are powerful tools for driving conversions.  We will test and optmise to find the best performing Ad Copy, which we can then scale for top results.

Paid Ads Ministry of Innovation

Google Shopping

If you’re a an Ecommerce business/retailer, you can use Shopping campaigns to promote your online and local inventory, boost traffic to your website or local shop and find better qualified leads. Our expert team has been widely recognised for our ability to drive higher conversion rates and more profitable Google Shopping CPAs.

Paid Ads Ministry of Innovation

Landing Pages

In order to successfully achieve our  conversion goals, it is important that we drive quality traffic to your landing page. But it is equally as important  that your landing page is user friendly and has a clear path to conversions. We make sure that you are optimising for better visitor experiences by creating highly effective and beautiful landing pages. 

Paid Ads Ministry of Innovation


We can help you to set up accurate tracking conversions, which we monitor and observe to make sure it carries on performing accurately. We can do this either by Google Pixel Conversion tagging or Google Analytics Event Goal tagging

Paid Ads Ministry of Innovation


Once we have sufficient data we are able to scale and perform highly effective retargeting ads, focusing on prospects who have engaged previously or who have already converted. For this we can perform Display campaigns or Gmail campaigns.

Paid Ads Ministry of Innovation


Our weekly reporting will show you every achievement and the insight into the performance of your campaign. With in-depth analytics, transparent data and a detailed strategy, our analysis will give you the bigger picture of the outstanding results we provide.


Our clients say:

“MoI have been great for Go2. They have been running PPC and Social campaigns for us and generated some great leads. They have helped us grow significantly and anyone who is looking to grow their company should speak to them. We highly recommend them.”               Nigel Cowdery – Founder of Go2

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Existing PPC Campaigns not working?

We often see growing small-and-medium sizes businesses who are lacking results in their PPC strategy. This could be due to time constraints and inability to give campaigns as much attention as they need, resulting in budget wastage and loss of motivation. 

In many cases it is just a matter of simple pivoting some aspects of their strategy. And as part of our PPC services we can audit any existing campaigns and give clear and actionable insights into what needs to be done to improve performance.

How can PPC help my business reach new audiences?

PPC allows you to show your ad to new audiences immediately, the keywords strategy directly targets prospecting customers who are searching for your business, products or services in Google. Paid search is the best method for getting the highest volume of traffic to your website in the shortest amount of time. In comparison to SEO- which although effective is a time-consuming and long-term search strategy. 

Work with a dedicated PPC specialist team

Our team of fully certified PPC experts dedicate themselves to growing your business. We offer flexible pricing and do not tie you in with long contracts. We focus on delivering you results.

Long-term partnerships and sustainable growth

We aim to strategically build conversion growth for your business over time. Working closely with your business to tailor a bespoke results-driven strategy. We blend sales activation campaigns with brand building to achieve long-term growth. As the campaigns mature we are able to scale them to maximise your conversion and climb few steps at a time towards success. Over time our clients aren’t solely reliant on paid advertising for customer acquisition anymore.