How to maximise your marketing spend

How to maximise your marketing spend Ministry of Innovation
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Integrating SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing to boost your marketing and sales

Individually, search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and Social Media Marketing can generate reasonable marketing outcomes for your business. However, each of these elements should be seen as one leg of a tripod, supporting your marketing and sales strategy.

The secret to building an effective strategy that delivers stable and consistent sales results, instead of a rollercoaster of feast and famine, is to use an integrated approach in which the strengths of each reinforces the effect of the others for lead generation and conversion.

Signposting the marketing journey

When looking for the right product, potential buyers now make multiple searches, starting their search in broad terms and refining as they continue.

This journey from stranger to loyal customer embraces multiple potential points of contact, using different platforms from PC to mobile devices. For a successful marketing approach, your content needs to have a presence and consistency wherever visitors look, so that it attracts, engages and informs, rather than confuses.

Four key tools help you to manage that marketing journey:

  • Social Media, Social Ads and Influencer Marketing: Creates awareness, engagement and drives conversions with hyper targeting capabilities to your brand
  • SEO: Improves the relevance and visibility of your website to attract relevant searches
  • PPC: Targeted marketing, providing you with real-time, in-depth customer data
  • Content Marketing: to leverage your value proposition and key messages

The power of integration

Each tool plays a crucial role, but the sum is greater than the parts when they reinforce each other in an integrated strategy:

  • SEO and PPC together increase visibility through enhanced exposure, improve your search engine results page ranking.
  • Data from organic searches, PPC, and social inform keyword and search term optimisation to get better results from both.
  • Results and measure are in real-time so you can see what’s working and use this data to improve website and social media content/ads
  • Effective social media drives relevant traffic to your website and improves conversions, using relevant keywords derived from PPC/SEO data to capture potential customers at the start of their searches.
  • Social media supports link building, making it easier to share and build your credibility, strengthening your SERP ranking.
  • PPC and Social offers an opportunity for re-marketing when a potential customer visits your website throughout the sales funnel

An integrated approach lays a trail of breadcrumbs to your services or products and provides the holistic feedback system to inform you where best to spend your finite supply of bread.

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