Coaching And Mentoring For Management, Leadership And Sales.

Coaching and mentoring helps captains of industry become more effective. Planning, sales and the sales process, plus project & programme management are necessary skills that are not acquired through osmosis, they need to be taught and honed. It is a combination of good planning, execution and the monitoring of progress, along with how to handle and manage people which gets the best out of you.

All too often members of teams are promoted to managers or team leaders without adequate training of how to get the best from their teams.

This programme helps managers and team leaders develop into strong leaders that develop their teams into competent and helpful people who use their initiative and energy within their responsibilities to deliver the corporate goals.

For many SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) the entrepreneur and business owner may have great ideas and all of the technical expertise to deliver a great set of products and services but may lack some of the skills or expertise in setting up or running a company. Through coaching and mentoring these skills can easily be transferred to make the organisation even more efficient and grow quickly to become an established and effective company.

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