Now is time to prepare for your Black Friday marketing campaign

Now is time to prepare for your Black Friday marketing campaign

Now is time to prepare for your Black Friday marketing campaign Ministry of Innovation

There is no denying that Black Friday continues to grow as a big deal for retailers. In 2018, £1.49 billion was spent online for Black Friday in the UK, up 7.3% on 2017, and 194 million visits were made to UK retail online sites1. To capitalise on this sales potential you need to refine your marketing strategy to be ready for Black Friday.

The potential of paid social media advertising

The potential return on investment with paid advertising on social media platforms is considerable. If you have the means to make an extra financial investment to fine tune your marketing, doing so for an event such as Black Friday will pay off.

The ability to target specific audiences with guaranteed visibility of your ad in the places you want them to be seen has huge benefits:

  • Greater conversions rates and driving sales
  • Increasing your social media “likes” which help drive traffic to your website
  • Increased brand recognition and subsequent engagement 
  • Detailed data from paid campaigns can provide insights to build your marketing campaigns with greater focus

Leveraging an integrated marketing approach for Black Friday

Once you commit to investing in a social media advertising push for Black Friday, it’s then important to understand how to maximise your investment. An integrated approach between social media, such as Facebook and Instagram and Pay Per Click (PPC) will help achieve this, a key reason being shopper habits.

Shoppers don’t shop on one platform but rather several platforms on different devices. Your marketing approach needs to embrace this by using different platforms in support of each other to drive more targeted traffic and increased conversions.

This is also important for driving a targeted approach to capture different audiences which engage with different platforms in a variety of ways.  

In our post about taking an integrated omni approach to lead generation we discussed the benefits of an integrated approach but in the context of Black Friday the particular benefits are to help your brand stand out by:

  • Using data insights from PCC and social media ads to provide quick feedback to change your campaign approach
  • Remarketing to capitalise on a cross-platform approach to create brand synergy
  • Consistency in branding across channels creates a memorable brand that consumers can have greater trust in
  • You can place your product and brand into a PCC trend and drive traffic to your social media

Supporting your Black Friday strategy

Thinking about trends and great stories will help create good content for social media ads and PCC and at the Ministry of Innovation we are working now to support clients with their Black Friday strategies, ensuring there is an integrated approach to maximise their reach and impact. 

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