Outsourced Business Development

Outsourced Business Development For Ambitious SMEs

Do you want to grow your company slowly or do you want to take it to a new level, trading with good solid double figure year on year growth? If you want to grow quickly then how many good qualified sales leads do you have in your pipeline ready to close? And what is your closure rate? How many qualified leads do you generate each month? What is your cost of acquisition?

The key to building a successful business is business development:- selling and obtaining new customers and orders on a regular and reliable basis. Good business development is what grows your business! Being able to answer the above questions positively is fundamental to rapid and sustainable growth.

So, is it that:

  • You aren’t generating sufficient leads
  • You aren’t converting your leads into signed orders consistently or on demand?
  • You just don’t want to be a sales person? or
  • You’ve had some poor experiences with hiring sales people?

Do you have one or more of these challenges? If so, then the Ministry of Innovation is here to help you.

We help businesses from £500K to 5M find and retain clients.

Outsourced Business Development Made Easy – What We Can Do For You

Analyse market trends and drivers

We can identity market trends and key factors that can directly affect the level of success that business can expect. We do this thanks to our extensive contact with trade bodies, industry organisations and via research.

Identify new markets and opportunities

We can research new markets or business opportunities on your behalf. We can help you establish the best routes to access those markets.

Establish who your best customers are

We can help you identify your best target markets in order to create a reliable and loyal customer base. We can also build a consistent pipeline of opportunities and lead generation through a defined value proposition to target market.

Create a value proposition and compelling sales messages

We can overcome the disconnection between sales and marketing communication thanks to our focused, common approach to both.

Outsourced Business Development – An Extension of Your Team

Our team of expert business development professionals will become an extension of your business and will ensure that you never miss out on a sales opportunity because you simply don’t have time or you are already tied up with existing clients.

Do you have one or more of these challenges? If so, then the Ministry of Innovation is here to help you.

Contact us now on 08456 439956  or sales@ministryofinnovation.co.uk for your free consultation to help you grow your organisation rapidly, efficiently, profitably and sustainably. For further help watch this training video