Who We Are

The Ministry of Innovation (MoI) has been helping organisations since 2004. We have a solid track record of growing established businesses, helping third sector organisations start commercial arms to support their charitable functions, helping businesses become better at selling, helping start-ups become established, and raising funds.

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We are a sales and management organisation. We have developed a solid World Class Methodology, The Sales Factory™, that has been proven many times over, to add significant growth to companies.

Many organisations manage processes and programmes – one of which is sales! Sales is a project, and we help install our Sales Factory™ to deliver growth with certainty & known outcomes into your business.

“MoI has been terrific. They have enabled me to plot a clear path to business growth. Further to that, they have given me the tools and guidance to navigate that path. Anyone looking to grow their business should speak to MoI. Highly recommended!”

Rob Winterborn MD Castleton Signs. www.castletonsigns.co.uk

We live and breathe our mission statement: The Ministry of Innovation partners with our clients to help them achieve rapid and sustainable performance improvements, revenue growth and increased profitability & efficiency.

If you are ambitious and focused on growth, then The Ministry of Innovation will provide you with a comprehensive, high-quality, effective and proven toolkit to get you growing rapidly, and in a solid and sustainable manner.

The Ministry of Innovation’s very existence is to bring the benefits of sales, collaboration, and innovation to corporations, SMEs and entrepreneurs. Knowing and showing others how to leverage their best assets in a productive way is key to your growth.

Contact us now on 08456 439956 or sales@ministryofinnovation.co.uk for your free consultation to help you grow your organisation rapidly, efficiently, profitably and sustainably.

The Innovation & Growth Engine™

Sales Factory

How to attract 2, 4 or even 6 orders every month reliably and predictably

Outsourced Sales and Marketing

A bespoke fully B2B outsourced sales and lead generation solution for SME’s designed and incentivised to provide rapid and sustained growth


Ideation, innovation and solid business management to deliver rapid and sustainable revenue growth