Ministry of Innovation

Increase Your Sales with Ministry of Innovation

If your answer to one or more of the questions above is not what you want, then more focus is required on your lead generation and sales activities.

At Ministry of Innovation we use our proven methodology to deliver known and predictable sales orders on demand.

We work with you and your team to:

  • Define your Value Proposition,
  • Create Compelling Messages to make customers buy your products and services;
  • Focus relentlessly on the right Target Market; and
  • Put in place a Sales Factory™ – a lead generation system to deliver more than enough leads to exceed target.

Outsource Sales and Marketing

The result is TOP LINE GROWTH that most B2B SME’s strive for. For further help watch this training video 

Look at our B2B Outsourced Sales and Marketing Service where we take your sales pain away and deliver your desired growth.

Sales Factory™

How to attract 2, 4 or even 6 orders every month reliably and predictably

Outsourced Sales & Marketing

A bespoke fully outsourced sales and marketing solution designed and incentivised to provide rapid and sustained growth


How to utilise ideation and innovation and solid business management to grow your revenue rapidly and sustainably


A structured mentoring programme tailored to your specific requirements focused on sales and management

“Ministry of Innovation’s support has been really valuable to Tag Digital. We have worked on multiple routes to market, public sector partnerships and received excellent direction on pricing and profitability. Through this and other activity Tag Digital grew by over £120,000 last year and already a further £180,000 in Q1”

Laura Grant, Director, Tag Digital