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We are specialised in running Influencer Marketing campaigns driving social engagement & performance for Global Brands.

Influencer Marketing Ministry of Innovation

With 7 years of experience, we are the influencer marketing service driven by performance using AI technology to increase engagement, CTR, acquisition.

Combining social media expertise and influencer marketing managed services to increase performance and ROI.

Influencer marketing campaigns driven by improving metrics, performance and ROI.

Did you feel that you ran influencer marketing campaigns but you didn’t see an uplift on sales?

Did you feel that you have nice content on social, but you don’t understand the impact on your business?

Are you tired of managing search platforms to reach out to Influencers but with no integration between the strategy or the Influencers? 

The metrics are interesting but…? Who are the right Influencers to work with? Micro, Magic Middle, A-List?

Influencer Marketing Ministry of Innovation

Drive performance by integrating your social media strategy with Influencer marketing.

Bespoke Influencer Marketing Management Services includes:

Influencer Marketing Ministry of Innovation
Influencer Marketing Ministry of Innovation
Influencer Marketing Ministry of Innovation

Our strict recruitment process is supported by our network of global influencers and search tool to find the best Influencers according to your brand, goals, and audience.

It’s not just about the categories or the number of followers, or location, it’s about choosing the right profiles to work with according to demographics, consumer behaviour, quality of the content, social engagement levels, audience analysis (location, demographics, type of followers, etc.), previous work with brands, paid or non-paid, etc.

The recruitment process is one of the most important parts of an Influencer Marketing campaign, and our team has a specific methodology & tools to choose the best options according to your marketing goals & KPI’s.

Influencer Marketing Ministry of Innovation

Specialised storytelling strategy team. Storytelling is one of the most effective marketing strategies out there. It can captivate the attention of your audience. To generate trust, credibility & genuine content, the story is crucial to engage with the Influencers. Your end goal is the influencer audience, so the creatives and the messaging are really important to drive performance and to reach your goals.