Outsourced Sales And Marketing

Outsourced Sales And Marketing
For Ambitious SME’s

How to grow your organisation into a truly successful business is not just about being creative or technically brilliant. You can have the best product or service in the market but unless you get the message out there it will still be really difficult to grow your business and enjoy the rewards. The solution, outsource sales and marketing to the Ministry of Innovation.

Outsource sales and marketing chart of growth

Outsourcing your sales and marketing is the key to building a successful business is selling and obtaining new customers and orders on a regular and reliable basis. That is what grows your business. For further help watch this training video 

  • Do You Generate Enough Leads And/Or Sell Consistently, Predictably And On Demand?
  • Is It That You Just Don’t Want To Be A Sales Person?
  • Have You Had Some Poor Experiences With Hiring Sales People?

Do you have one or more of these challenges? If so, then the Ministry of Innovation is here to help you.

We use the proven 4×4 Sales and Lead Generation methodologyfor B2B sales and marketing. It has been tried and tested many times over to add significant growth to SME’s revenue and profit. This approach provides you with regular orders on a predictable and reliable basis.

Through our bespoke B2B Outsourced Sales and Marketing Programme:

Generate leads for you icon

Generate The Leads For You

Chase up opportunities icon

Chase Up The Opportunities For You

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Convert Them Into Signed Orders For You.

MOI provide you with a tailored outsourced B2B sales and lead generation capability working as part of your team. Our Focus for you:

  • Define an agreed value proposition to take to market
  • Agree the target market(s)
  • Develop the compelling messages
  • Take ownership for your lead generation and sales function
  • Build a consistent pipeline of opportunities and close sales

Resulting In Top Line Growth For Your Business.

This allows you to focus on delivering the product or service to those new customers and they then become advocates for your company and so help generate further leads for us to go out and close for you.

Contact us now on 08456 439956  or sales@ministryofinnovation.co.uk for your free consultation and to help you grow your organisation rapidly, efficiently, profitably and sustainably. So for further help watch this training video 

How do we generate leads?

We are a sales and management organisation. We have developed a solid World Class Methodology, The Sales Factory™, that has been proven many times over, to add significant growth to companies by outsourcing their sales and marketing.

Many organisations manage processes and programmes – one of which is sales! Sales is a project, and we help install our Sales Factory™ to deliver growth with certainty & known outcomes into your business.

We have learnt that all lead generation can fit into one of the 4 quadrants of the chart below:

The Ministry of innovation growth engine.

Outbound is when you’ve proactively reached out to someone, and this might be cold calling/ telemarketing, email campaigns or the like.

Inbound is when you’ve put something into your market space (like an advert or blog) and prospects then contact you. The proactive contact is coming inbound.

Direct is when you, or someone paid directly by you, undertakes one of the two activities above, the result being direct traffic.

Indirect is when someone else is doing this on your behalf such as a partner or associate.

To learn more about our Sales Factory™, then please click here to read in detail.

Do you have any examples?

Of course we do and we will happily share them with you, please get in touch via the contact us page here and we will collect examples specific to you and your industry. In the mean time, hear from one of our clients.

“MoI has been terrific. They have enabled me to plot a clear path to business growth. Further to that, they have given me the tools and guidance to navigate that path. Anyone looking to grow their business should speak to MoI. Highly recommended!”

Rob Winterborn MD Castleton Signs. www.castletonsigns.co.uk

Outsourcing sales further reading

Outsource or in-house? Reasons to outsource your sales and marketing

5 reasons you need to outsource your sales and marketing

Decades ago, it wasn’t common to outsource sales and marketing due to slower and simpler processes. Traditional advertising campaigns rolled out over months, and the data returned to marketing teams usually came from focus groups and sales departments. The sales team than had time to follow up with a strategy to convert and close the deals. With the digital revolution, everything has changed – speed, scope, budgeting, data, timing.

How do you grow and scale up a company with reliable and predictable sales?

Do you have good orders some months and poor orders the next? Would you like to have consistent and predictable sales every month? How do you take a small business with erratic workflows and make it into a successful and growing business? So, what are the keys to successful sales

So what is a ‘sharp sales focus’? Focusing on the right new business leads where your real benefits can be felt most is the most effective sales strategy. For example: if you were selling buckets of water and you concentrated on people who had their hair on fire, you’re going to do much better than “focusing on anybody that’s hot”. But trying to sell to ‘anybody that’s hot’ is what many SME’s do, because they say “anybody that’s hot can do with a bucket of water”… true but ineffective!

Contact us now on 08456 439956  or sales@ministryofinnovation.co.uk for your free consultation and to help you grow your organisation rapidly, efficiently, profitably and sustainably. So for further help watch this training video