Automated Sales Funnel

Increase Your Conversions Rates Of Your Landing Page By Using Powerful Technology Integrated With A Sales Funnel

Our team uses an integrated process across the sales funnel to drive more leads and sales enquires and increase the conversions rates – unleashing the email marketing, marketing automation, Linkedin messaging and other tools.

Don’t drive traffic to your website and then lose it. That is money lost! An automated sales funnel is one of the most effective ways to increase conversions. It sends your audience specific personalised emails with different compelling messages depending on their actions. This changes their behaviour to re-engage and come back to your site and view your offerings.

Automated Sales Funnel Ministry of Innovation

B2B Companies:

eCommerce and B2C brands:

Our team works on converting traffic into leads and sales conversations


Deliver the right message to the right person at the right time—with less work, based on customer journey, purchase intention.


Show your customers you understand their needs. Get more email opens and clicks by sending highly targeted messages with email segmentation.

Data and Insights Analysis

Save even more time by automatically pulling content from your blog into an email newsletter template to share with subscribers.

"MoI has been supporting our growing process throughout the hospitality sector, large venues, shopping centres, theme parks, etc. By implementing a sales strategy to create and build solid relationships with large corporate organisations across sectors (even during the pandemic), we have been able to close new contracts preparing the installation of the new charging solutions. Through an integrated sales strategy we now have sales and a solid pipeline that can change the business for the future."
Ivan / George
Founders of BattPoint