Sales Outreach

Drive Qualified Leads and Sales Conversions with an Integrated Outreach Business Development Process

Sales Outreach Ministry of Innovation

Our solid and tested process on Business Development Outreach is designed to deliver business opportunities, qualified leads and sales conversions.

Based on 17+ year’s experience of undertaking Sales Outreach, our highly experienced sales team puts into practice our MOI sales methodology. This is fully integrated with our inbound and outbound Lead Gen Factory™,  your Value Proposition, Compelling Messages, USPs and the problems that you solve for your customers, to maximise leads and new business conversions. Our aim is to provide you with a fully functional sales and marketing department focused on your revenue generation.

An integrated approach

Sales Outreach Ministry of Innovation

AI Technology develops a combination of computational, statistical and machine learning methods that unleash an effective email marketing campaign integrated on an overall sales strategy to drive conversions.

"Before I started working with Lance I had only some basic experience on how to run a business and I had just £8k to £9k a month in gross revenues after the first year. I was a really good structural engineer but that didn’t necessarily help me grow the business in the way I was hoping. Lance showed me how to focus on the important non-technical aspects of how to grow my business. Within the next 6 months my revenue was up to £15k a month and within 12 months I had nearly tripled to £25k a month. My business was established and growing. Later Lance even helped me form the deal for an acquisition and 2½ years from the initial engagement with Lance, the business is going to turn over £1.2 million. I have a healthy established company which is growing well and a joy to own and run."
Adrian Boult
Managing Director, Abstruct LLP