We have been very satisfied with the work done by the MoI team since we outsourced our sales to them in 2020. The work is of a high quality and has generated leads and sales for us in a short time.

Their sales team have generated leads through their digital marketing campaigns, by using traditional email and cold calling outreach, and also through LinkedIn messaging. This broad range of sales outreach and tactics used by the team has generated a healthy pipeline of opportunities and our dedicated MoI salesperson has progressed opportunities through the sales funnel to closure.

Despite launching in the middle of the pandemic, the sales and pipeline generated so far have exceeded our expectations.

I am glad to have chosen MoI as a partner and would recommend them to any SME wishing to grow their top line revenues.

Alexandra Hay – CEO The Photobooth Company

MoI has been supporting our growing process throughout the hospitality sector, large venues, shopping centres, theme parks, etc. By implementing a sales strategy in order to create and build solid relationships with large corporate organizations across sectors (even during the pandemic) we have been able to close new contracts preparing the installation of the new charging solutions. Through an integrated sales strategy, we now have sales and a solid pipeline that can change the business for the future.

Ivan/George – Founders of BattPoint

I’m very pleased with MOI work so far. The team has put in place an omni-channel strategy on Amazon and off Amazon, in order to support the launch of our Brand Hibso, on Amazon. From optimising the product listing, the organic search, to sponsor product and display ads campaigns on Amazon, we have been able to grow our sales on the marketplace. Through Facebook and by working with Influencers, we have been able to increase Brand Awareness, Consumer Engagement, and Brand Consideration.

Abdalla – Founder of HIBSO

We have been working with MOI for the last 3 months. Pedro, Hannah and Lance have all been great in understanding our service and brand. The traffic that they have driven to our website through Facebook has led to more enquiries in 3 weeks than we have previously received through our site in the last 12 months. Steve

Steve Wise, Studio Director, The Cut Gym

MoI have been great for Go2. They have been running PPC and Social campaigns for us and generated some great leads. They have helped us grow significantly and anyone who is looking to grow their company should speak to them. We highly recommend them.

Nigel Cowdery , Founder of Go2

MoI have been terrific. They have enabled me to plot a clear path to business growth. Further to that they have given me the tools and guidance to navigate that path. They have helped us grow by a massive £1,000,000 in the first half of this year. Anyone looking to grow their business should speak to MoI. Highly recommended

Rob Winterborn, MD, Castleton Signs

Ministry of Innovation’s support has been really valuable to Tag Digital. We have worked on multiple routes to market, public sector partnerships and received excellent direction on pricing and profitability. Through this and other activity Tag Digital grew by over £120,000 last year and already a further £180,000 in Q1

Laura Grant, Director, Tag Digital

Before I started working with MoI I had only some basic experience on how to run a business and I had just £8k to £9k a month in gross revenues after the first year. I was a really good structural engineer but that didn’t necessarily help me grow the business in the way I was hoping. MoI showed me how to focus on the important non-technical aspects of how to grow my business. Within the next 6 months my revenue was up to £15k a month and within 12 months I had nearly tripled to £25k a month. My business was established and growing. Later MoI even helped me form the deal for an acquisition and 2½ years from the initial engagement with MoI, the business is going to turn over £1.2 million

Adrian Boult, Managing Director, Abstruct LLP

Ministry of Innovation provided me with the blue print of how to grow my business and how to systemise the processes that where holding the business back. MoI took time to understand my issues and areas of weakness, was patient in helping me put together a plan under his guidance and most importantly was honest with what was not working and where I needed to make changes. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and can’t thank MoI enough for their help. My only regret is I did not have this plan in place from the outset.

Tristan Hay, Founder And MD, Tristan Hay Interiors

We now have a sales process in place that is reaping dividends – we have 14 outstanding proposals of over £500,000 and are very hopeful that our first new client will sign when we present for the final time next Friday. My diary is almost fully booked for the next few months with opportunities! I have personally found our sessions extremely valuable and would attribute our interactions with MoI to the success we are now having in sales growth. We would highly recommend anyone who wants to grow their business using MoI.

Steve Prior, Chief Marketing Officer, Zincnet

The Ministry of Innovation has helped Public-i develop our direction and strategy for both individual products and the company as a whole. Over a period of time, MoI facilitated a number of very constructive sessions that led us down a path whereby we now have a solid vision and trajectory encompassing both our product development road map and sales and marketing. We would highly recommend using MoI to help build consensus within your leadership team in gaining vision, direction and hence growth.

Tim Ireland, Managing Director, Public-i

Ministry of Innovation has helped Modular with almost every aspect of our business from defining our value proposition and shaping our products to assisting with pricing and raising finance. MoI is now helping Modular grow by generating sales and scaling up the company. We have been exceptionally pleased with the work MoI has carried out for us and would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to tackle and overcome issues quickly and/or scale their company rapidly.

Bilal Itani, CEO, Modular