Sales Factory™

How To Attract 1, 2 Or Even 4 Orders Reliably And Predictably Every Month

Do you have erratic workflows that deliver orders some months but then go for a while before you get more new business? Many SMEs struggle to keep a constant supply of regular orders and get stuck in a feast and famine cycle. Some rely on networking and referrals, which is okay to a point but rarely gets regular and reliable business to grow it into a successful company.

Others get very worried (or should be worried) when their cash flow takes a hit during some poor months.

The Sales Factory™ uses the 4 x 4 sales strategy to generate regular and reliable orders every month on demand:

All lead generation can fit into one of these 4 quadrants.

Outbound’ is when you’ve proactively reached out to someone. So this might be cold calling/ telemarketing, email campaigns or the like.

Inbound’ is when you’ve put something into your market space (like an advert or blog) and prospects then contact you. So the proactive contact is coming inbound.

Direct’ is when you or someone paid directly by you, undertakes one of the two activities above.

Indirect’ is when someone else is doing this on your behalf, such as a partner or associate.

So the key questions are:

•. Do you have a systemised process that has activities going on in all four quadrants? and

•. Is that a systemised process that transforms strangers into paying customers on a regular and reliable basis?

If not, then is your sales process ad hoc and are you happy with that? Or more to the point, all SMEs should implement the above in full.

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