An integrated omni-channel approach puts your lead generation on a smoother path to growth

An integrated omni-channel approach puts your lead generation on a smoother path to growth Ministry of Innovation

We all have our favourites – sports teams, food, films. At work we also have our favourite activities and go-to methods for getting things done, including ways to generate leads.

Some business people enjoy the face-to-face contact of networking while others stick to tried and tested ways, maybe referrals, because of past success.

However, there’s a danger in relying on just one or two methods for finding new leads. No matter how enjoyable they are, or successful they’ve been in the past, if they dry up, your business is left scratching for slim pickings. This can also result in the feast and famine situation that we’ve written about in the past.

In this situation, your sales team will waste time and resources chasing every lead that comes their way, no matter how poor the prospect of success. But a growing business will cast its net wide, using numerous and varied channels to generate a steady flow of leads.

There’s certainly no shortage of components to select from to create a wide-ranging, varied and coordinated lead generation strategy:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Paid social Ads
  • Social / Community management
  • Content creation
  • Email marketing
  • Events, workshops and webinars
  • Cold calling / telemarketing
  • Cross channel remarketing
  • Networking and referrals

Different lead generating methods are often interlinked and complement one another in some way. For example, PPC and email marketing are more likely work if you create good quality content to encourage people to engage with you; social media and social ads also play an important role in getting your content read. 

Something that gets lost these days is the power of a phone call. While some believe they can do everything on social media, calling potential prospects particularly when they have engaged with some of your content (the dreaded cold or warm calling!) needs to be part of the lead generation and conversion process.

An integrated approach to lead generation

If you’re using a wide selection of these methods, you’re going to need an integrated approach to achieve success and RoI, for reasons discussed in a recent blog post. There are other factors to consider for your integrated plan, including:

  • Using disruptive digital marketing
  • Recording and measuring results
  • Data analytics

You can find some useful tips in our blog How to improve sales and lead generation  but by taking the time to define and write down your sales and lead generation strategy, you’ll be in a better position to put your plan into practice.

Different lead generation methods work better for different sectors, so you may need to try a variety to see which work best for you. The key is always to test and measure your programmes and refine as necessary.  But the effort will be worth it in order to achieve the steady flow of new leads your sales team needs to create more revenue.

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