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How to attract more orders every month, reliably and predictably. Is your focus good enough?

Do you have erratic work flows that deliver orders some months but then go for a while before you get more new business? Many SMEs struggle to keep a constant supply of regular orders and get stuck in a feast and famine cycle. Some rely on repeat business, which is Okay to a point, others get very worried (or should be worried) when their cash flow takes a hit.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have a regular and reliable stream of orders every month? Sales can (and should) be a system that delivers predictable and consistent orders. It doesn’t have to be erratic. So how do you attract 1, 2, 3 or even 4 or more high value, good quality orders every single month? No more erratic work flows and good solid growth.

There are just 4 key steps to growing sales:

1) Value Proposition (VP) – make sure you have a compelling VP and message, and express it in terms of benefits to the customer.

2) Focus – define and focus on your core customers. Spreading yourself too thinly is “the enemy”. Keep keenly focused on your target and don’t think everything is beautiful (as per the picture)

3) Lead Generation – Poor sales is often due to not generating enough leads, so you end up chasing anything and everything that moves. Make sure you build and implement a comprehensive marketing / lead generation plan.

4) Close your orders by explaining the desire or pain relief that your service/product brings to your customers and why they need it now.

This is all explained further in this free training video http://bit.ly/2bC4M0z

Watch the video to help you understand how to implement these 4 steps into your business, and build a proper sales system. Whether your team is just one person, the business owner, or a team of 5 or 10, the principles and logistics are the same. So learn how to implement it here: http://bit.ly/2bC4M0z


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